What is a Ecófono?

"Ecófono" is a term coined by Ecophonic to define its speakers. Thus an ecofono can be described as a manufactured device which uses traditional methods and environmentally materials to amplify sound in a natural way according to the physical principles of acoustics.

What type of finish is used in Ecófonos?

Each piece of Ecophonic is individually subjected to a process of beeswax which is manually applied and subsequently polished.

Are Ecophonic products truly handmade in Spain?

Absolutely, 100%. For us the fact that each piece is made by craftsmen using Spanish wood from sustainable forests, is a hallmark and also gives the quality we are looking for in our products.

Can I ask for my EcoPhonic with personalized laser engraving?

The EcoPhonic products come with a laser engraved with our logo. To customize this print query via mail

Would EcoPhonic be the only sound system you need?

EcoPhonic is not intended to be a substitute for audio equipment. Unique and handmen pieces are made as a great complement to your smartphone and provide a more than acceptable level of sound amplification. It can also provide alternative uses such as viewing videos or talk handsfree.

What is the meaning of "passive amplification"?

The passive amplification is used to generate a sound amplification without external energy sources. All our products are solely based on the external speaker output device, and it is the design of our EcoPhonic what provides an increase in the volume production.

Are all Ecófonos the same?

Because our products are made from natural woods and its manufacturing process is handmade, no product is exactly like another. The veins and shades in the same tree can differ markedly depending whether the wood comes from the nearest part of the cortex or it is closest to the nucleus.
We use trees from sustainable forests for our ecófonos so it is interesting to mention that we have seen very significant differences between two products obtained from the same tree.


Do I have to register before I buy?

To purchase no registration is required. You simply fill in your details at the time of purchase.

Are the prices that reflect the items are inclusive of VAT?

All prices listed in our online store are inclusive of value added tax (VAT).

Do the prices listed on the website include shipping costs?



Can I place an order and billed to the data of a company?

Yes, but for that you must indicate the DNI or CIF in the "DNI / CIF" section.


What is the amount of shipping costs?

None. The prices that appear on the website include this expense.

What is the delivery time for an order?

The delivery time is between 1 and 2 business days.

With which courier agency do they work?

All shipments are made with the Envialia agency.

Will they notify me when they ship the product?

Once the order is located in the premises of the courier agency will be notified by SMS to your mobile phone in which you will be informed of the shipping code, the estimated delivery date and the phone number of the agency of courier who is processing your order.

What happens when the courier agency can not deliver the order because there is no one at home?

The courier agency will try to locate you at the mobile phone number you have indicated on the form in order to specify the date and time of a second delivery attempt.
If this second attempt is also unsuccessful, you can contact the courier agency at the telephone number provided in the sms, within a maximum period of 7 days, so that you can go to the nearest branch yourself. and personally remove the package.
This process will not involve any additional expense.

Can I indicate a specific delivery time?

During the purchase process, you can indicate the schedule you prefer in the section "Delivery preferences." However, we can not guarantee that the delivery is made at a specific time, since the courier companies have established routes and can not always In these cases, we advise you to indicate an alternative delivery address, where you do not have problems with the schedule.


What is the amount of shipping costs?

None. The prices that appear on the website include this expense.

What is the delivery time for an order?

The delivery time is included 4 and 8 business days.

What happens when the postal service can not make the delivery of the order because there is no one at home?

For those cases in which it is not possible to deliver the order by hand, the subsequent processing will be the one in each country that has implemented the postal service.


What forms of payment are available?

Payments can be made only through the following means: Credit card or debit card and Paypal.

I placed an order paid by credit card, but I do not know if the payment has been completed.

Currently, almost all banks have utilities to prevent fraud. Therefore, when you place your order and proceed to make the payment, you may be asked some additional key to your card. In these cases you should contact your financial institution to which you should report.

How I can know if they have received the payment for my order?

Once payment has been validated you will receive an email with the order confirmation.


What type of damage does it cover?

The warranty covers manufacturing defects, it does not cover defects or damage due to improper use or manipulation of material or wear caused by normal use.
In the cases covered by the warranty, you will receive, at no additional cost, an article of the same model

How many years of warranty do the products have?

The guarantee has a term of 24 months.

How I can process a warranty?

You must ask for it by email to and we will contact you to complete the process, in a maximum of 72 hours.


If I buy something that does not satisfy me, can I return it?

If you're not satisfied with your purchase you have 14 working days to return the product purchased. To calculate the period of 14 days you can use the date that appears on the delivery receipt.

Products that have been customized at the customer's request will not be returned unless they are defective.

How can I make a return?

To proceed to a refund you must send a letter to: ECOPHONIC ECOSPEAKER, S.L. with address at Oro St. 7, Pozuelo de Alarcón (28223) (Madrid).
Communicating by mail to the intention to return the product. In this case our staff will contact you to process the return process.

Am I supposed to pay some extra cost for returning the product?

If you return the article because you're not satisfied with the product, we will refund the product cost, but the cost of shipment will be borne by you.
If the return is due to a defective product, we assume the entire cost.

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