Beech Wood universal UNO Speaker

Beech Wood universal UNO Speaker



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Quick Overview:

Wireless Speaker ONE. Ecological, functional, minimalist, and original.

Made of FSC Spanish beech wood with a certification of controlled and renewable forests, the woods used for these products are characterized for their large acoustic resonance and high resistance to weathering.

What is better about this Spanish handcraft, also characterized for its natural finish with beeswax, is that you can forget about batteries or maintenance thanks to an operation based on the amplification of sound within the cavity of the speaker.

The studied structure and design, amplifies and enhances the sounds of most mobile phones (more information in the data sheet) plus it also serves as a support or dock for your terminal.

Don’t think about it any longer! Just put your Smartphone in the slot “hit play" and enjoy the moment!

More details

    Supported terminalsSamsung galaxy S3 mini - S3 - S4 mini - S4 - S5 - Ipad mini. Nexus 5 - iphone 6 - iphone 6 plus - sony Z3 - Sony Z2 - Sony Z1 compact - Sony M2 -LG G3 - LG3S - LG LBello - LG L fino - LG L90 - Lumia 830 - lumia 735
    Supported terminals IIAny phone with a thickness less than 1.5 cm and with the speakers located at the lower or upper back. We recommend using it without cover and with the speaker placed backwards
    MaterialSpanish beech wood
    Measures7 x 7 x 8,5 cm
    Weight120 a 150 grs

ONE is unique. Walnut

The walnut is one of the trees that offers more contrast, so on the outside, the closest to the bark, creamy white tones predominate while in the inner part of the trunk the wood goes dark and going from light brown tones to other dark brown tones, occasionally presenting a purplish shading and darker knots.

For all this, when we make our products in this beautiful wood we know that each piece that comes out of our workshop is unique and that you will be able to enjoy an exceptional sound with an ecophone that is unique, inimitable.

ONE is unique. Brown

The chestnut tree is the emblematic tree of the Asturian forests. Its wood is light in color with yellow and orange reflections. We have chosen this wood because its elasticity, its tenacity and its flexibility give our products an exceptional sound.

In addition, this tree keeps in its interior endless veins and knots, always within a range of clear tones, which ensure that your ecophone is unique so you can enjoy the exclusivity of your choice.

ONE is unique. Haya

The beech tree comes from Western Europe and within our peninsula is located mainly in the northern mountainous area. Its wood is characterized by its uniform texture and its color varies from an orange white to a light pink.

The elegance of its rings together with the hardness of its trunk allow the ECOphones that we make with this wood to combine beauty and resistance in equal parts.

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