Our woods

In Ecophonic® in order to manufacture our products we use wood from sustainable forests with FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council)

What does it mean?

This certification ensures that the raw material comes from the forests within the law, which are selective logging caring and maintaining our natural environment ... Restocking, recycling and sustainability helps to preserve native forest species facilitating the natural cycle to run its course with the less human intrusion as possible.

The woods chosen have an incredible sound and aesthetic behavior. Chestnut and walnut are the chosen ones, both with great acoustics, beautiful and resistant resonance.

Ecophonic® is researching on new materials, new designs new concepts but always within the framework that we have set ... To be the first world manufacturer of fully ecological ecófonos.

Nogal español                              Castaño español

Spanish walnut wood                                                          Spanish chesnut wood

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