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This website uses cookies for reasons of control orders, safety and prevention of mail fraud; they are also used in order to offer a more personalized service and for the browsing of its pages to be more tailored to the preferences of users.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small file that website can download to a computer or other digital device when browsing it. The main purpose of a cookie is to remember browsing preferences of a user to the point of being able to recognize it. This feature enables a website to function in a way which best suits the user and streamline display advertising. Cookies also serve the purpose of collecting statistical information in order to incorporate improvements on products and services offered.

Types of Cookies

While navigating the following types of cookies can be installed on your computer or digital device:

Cookies Analysis: Its function is to anonymously collect certain parameters related to navigating the website in order to make statistical studies on number of visitors, most popular contents, etc, as a way of optimizing the products and services parameters offered.

Registration Cookies: These cookies are generated to allow the identification of a user.  They are temporarily installed and automatically disappear when logging out.

Rack Third Party Cookies: The purpose of these cookies is to optimize the management of third-party advertisements displayed to each user.

Configuration and disabling Cookies

Cookies installed on a computer or other digital device can be disabled, enabled, blocked or eliminated through the settings of each browser. In the case of not having the cookies enabled it is possible that certain services needed are not available. There are some links below to the major browsers which offer access to the information about managing preferences about cookies:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

Update Cookies cookies may be subject to updating, we advise you to periodically review our cookies policy.

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